Stefán Arnarson

Early 2004 I became really interested in Siberian Huskies and later that year I contacted a lovely woman named Sandra Baker (Giesen at the time), the owner of Anyka Kennels, Australia.
In December 2005 I finally got my first dog, MBVIS ISVW-13 C.I.B. ISCHAnyka Bootylicious Babe (Kira).
In 2007 Kira was misdiagnosed with cataract, which came as quite a shock for us all. But in 2008 we got it final, what was thought to be cataract was only a small patch of pigment in her right eye.

In the mean time I decided to import another Siberian, this time from Sweden.
I contacted the owners of Bedarra kennel (Marjut & Jouni) and got Bedarra Bambolina Bebe (Maya) from them in March 2008.
At the same time, I applied for my prefix Miðnætur which was registered by the FCI on the December 11th 2007.

In March 2009, I imported a very special guest from Kennel Ciucki in Mallorca, Spain, to Iceland, ISCH AMCH Karnovanda’s Alexander Wolf (Alex), which was mated with Kira. 6 puppies were born on August 11th 2009, The Greek Gods, Miðnætur Siberians’ first litter.
That litter produced the very first Icelandic bred Siberian Husky to win Best In Show, BISMiðnætur Dawn Of Eos (Ninja), and the youngest Icelandic bred Siberian Husky female (at that time) to become an Icelandic Champion, ISCHMiðnætur Hunting Artemis. From that litter we also have BPIS C.I.B. ISCHMiðnætur Colourful Iris (Askja) and HCH HJCHMiðnætur Steaming Hot Aphrodite (Luna).